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Spanking Mature Woman To Tears

spanking mature woman to tears

Mature and sexy Eric Scott gets a tearful spanking. A warm-up spanking turns into a very real punishment. Erica has been forbidden to speak the name of a certain man by John. As he is giving her a nice bottom warming before a spanking party she utters those forbidden words. Her carelessness earns the mature woman a severe spanking from her angry man. John makes good use of all the spanking implements her has on hand including leather straps, hairbrushes and paddles. Erica learns to mind her words and pays a painful penalty for her slip of the tongue. She’s spanked to tears and left to reflect on her bad behavior with a red and very sore bottom in this very real mature spanking video from AAASpanking.com!

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Erica Scott & John Osborne were partners who were attending a large National Spanking Party. Erica had asked John to warm her up and give her bottom a nice glow to start off the evening. Everything was going well until she mentioned the name of a man in a moment of pleasure that John had forbidden Erica to associate with. He was beyond disappointed and very angry. The direction of this warm up changed from affection to one of a real punishment as Erica’s panties were pulled down roughly and John started to use the leather straps more forcefully, following through and using wooden implements such as the hairbrush and paddle that he knew Erica really disliked! She was scolded and severely chastised in this very real punishment that Erica later admitted had got inside her headspace, bringing her to remorse and tears!



Daddy Spanking Daughter After School

daddy spanking daughter after school

Naughty daughter, Harley Havik, gets a hard spanking after school from daddy. This little schoolgirl has been caught fighting with her classmates again. This is the second time that the school has called young Harley’s daddy about her bad behavior. Her daddy, Paul Kennedy, is a very stern and strict father. He believes that naughty girls should be punished when they behave badly. He warned his daughter that her punishment would be ever more severe if her received another call from her teachers. She can’t escape when daddy takes her over his knee for a hard spanking her pink panties. Then the young schoolgirl is forced to bare her bottom for a painful and humiliating strapping in this after school spanking video from NorthernSpanking.com!

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Having been caught fighting at school, for the second time, Harley thinks she has found away to escape punishment. But she has not thought it through very well and her plans are discovered at a very inopportune moment. After a very stern lecture, Harley receives the punishment she was due originally, with the prospect of more to come. The combination of Harleys delightfully sorry and submissive schoolgirl, a beautiful vintage American school setting and gorgeous camera work, this is one of the stand-out films of 2015.



Lesbian Domme Administers Severe Spanking Punishment

lesbian domme administers severe spanking punishment

Strict lesbian dominatrix, Snow Mercy, asserts her dominance over lesser domme with a severe spanking punishment! The new girl, Bella Bathory, is forced into submission by Mistress Snow. Bella is embarrassed as her clothes are stripped away she’s left naked with only tiny thong panties that leave her completely exposed and vulnerable. She is then taken over the mistress’s knee and given a very long and hard spanking with hand and hairbrush. But this is only the beginning of her punishment. Bella is then tied up and spanked with various implements of pain including wooden paddle, riding crop, whip and the dreaded cane! She squeals and squirms in pain as she’s forced to submit to the dominant lesbian’s will. Her is bottom very red and extremely sore. Mistress Snow orders Bella to get on her knees and face the wall. With hands on her head and blistered bottom on display, Bella has ample time to reflect on who is really in charge at GirlSpanksGirl.com!

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Mistress Bella Bathory makes the mistake of believing that she is the top dominatrix in town. Mistress Snow Mercy decides to show who the real top domme is. She punishes Bella long and hard, using her hand, a hairbrush, a crop, a wooden paddle, a whip and a cane, leaving Bella marked for weeks and wailing and squirming in pain. A real and intense scene from two great dominatrixes, and the induction the of Mistress Bella.



Sorority Girl With Shorts Pulled Down Spanked OTK

Sorority Girl With Shorts Pulled Down Spanked OTK

Senior sorority sister, Sarah Gregory, gives Maddy Marks a motivational spanking! Maddy’s grades are very poor this semester. If her academic performance continues declining she’ll be expelled from her sorority. Sarah decides it’s time to step in and provide some proper motivation. Sorority girl Maddy gets her tight jean shorts pulled down and spanked otk! Her hot bottom is spanked bright cherry red. Beginning with a otk spanking over shorts. Her plump bottom is warmed and reddened. Next her tight little jean shorts pulled down for an even harder spanking with hand and paddle! Sarah finishes this sorority punishment with a hot red bottom spanking on all fours in this sorority girl spanking video from SarahGregorySpanking.com!

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Maddy’s grades are slipping and she won’t be able to stay in the sorority if this continues, so Sarah gives her some extra motivation. Sarah takes poor Maddy OTK for a spanking over her panties and then puts her on all fours for a bare bottom paddling and spanking.


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