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Stepsister Spanking OTK

stepsister spanked over tight jeans

Dani Daniels spanked her stepsister, Alison Miller. Dani rules the house when the girls parents are out of town. She takes this opportunity to spank her younger sister. Alison has a perfect spankable bottom that begs to be spanked and that’s just what Dani will do in this hot stepsister spanking video from FirmHandSpanking.com!

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Dani Daniels gets her spanking mojo on with Alison Miller in hot new series! A hot new duo exclusive to Firm Hand! Alison Miller and Dani Daniels get spanking when their parents go on vacation in Spanking Stepsister. Dani is no evil stepsister, but she loves to spank Alison’s round, curvy, bouncing bottom often! Who can blame her?



Sexy Girl For Hire Spanking

Sexy Girl For Hire Spanked

Sexy girl for hire, Rachel Leigh, gets hot spanking from Sarah Stern. Rachel is interviewing for a job at the Sexy Cleaning Company where she will work as a spankee for hire. It’s Miss Stern’s job to find out if the new girl can take a rigorous spanking. Rachel finds out that this job is hard than she thought. She’s spanked with a leather paddle by her sadistic new boss lady until her bare cheeks glow bright red. Then the young prostitute is given a humiliating spanking in the wheelbarrow position with her legs spread wide open in this sexy spanking video from English-Spankers.com!

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Rachel Leigh has just had her first interview for a job at the Sexy Cleaning Company, this involved her being spanked rather harder than she thought necessary by the lady who ran the company. She thought that she now had a job but it was obvious that this rather sadistic lady had other ideas. She produced a leather paddle and despite Rachel’s protestations she proceeded to paddle her bare bottom. Then to add further humiliation she put her into the “wheelbarrow” position, spread her lags and continued with the beating.


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Sexy Spankings For Naughty Nurse

Sexy Spankings For Naughty Nurse

Naughty nurse, April May, gets sexy spankings when she’s caught in a compromising position. Sarah Stern catches the naughty nurse topless while giving her husband a spanking with a leather paddle. Sarah proceeds to punish the naughty nurse with a sexy wheelbarrow spanking over panties then continues to redden her round bottom after pulling her panties down in this hot f/f spanking video from SpankingSarah.com!

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‘Spanking Nurse’ starring April May and Sarah Stern

Nurse April is not quite what you would expect from the national health service, she offers treatments above and beyond the call of duty. These include providing strong drink and showing off her boobs to her patients and then spanking them with her leather paddle, can this be right? Kevin obviously thinks so as he seems to enjoy the rather painful treatment. When she is caught her punishment follows and is more painful and humiliating for her.

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Hesitant Lesbian Spanked To Orgasm

Hesitant Lesbian Spanked To Orgasm

Naughty lesbians, Mandie Rae and Adrian Evans, are getting a little naughty. Mandie is hesitant to get naked and Adriana persists. Adriana finally gets Mandie’s clothes off and finds out why she’s been playing coy. She’s already been spanked and her bottom is very red and sore. Adriana wants to be the one to spank her girlfriend. She gives her lesbian lover a very cherry red bottom as Mandie Rae fingers herself during this orgasmic lesbian spanking video from SarahGregorySpanking.com!

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Adriana and Mandie are having an awesome make-out session. Adriana tries to get Mandie to undress, but Mandie is hesitant. When Adriana finally gets Mandie’s clothes off, to her surprise, she finds a very red bottom. She is pissed. Not only has Mandie tried to hide it from her, but she has been lying to her girlfriend and going to see a dominatrix behind her back. Adriana says that SHE is going to be the one to spank her naughty girlfriend and NO ONE else, so she does just that. She spanks Mandie to the point of needing to masturbate to orgasm in fact. She now sees what a pain slut her little girlfriend really is.


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