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Sorority Girl With Shorts Pulled Down Spanked OTK

Sorority Girl With Shorts Pulled Down Spanked OTK

Senior sorority sister, Sarah Gregory, gives Maddy Marks a motivational spanking! Maddy’s grades are very poor this semester. If her academic performance continues declining she’ll be expelled from her sorority. Sarah decides it’s time to step in and provide some proper motivation. Sorority girl Maddy gets her tight jean shorts pulled down and spanked otk! Her hot bottom is spanked bright cherry red. Beginning with a otk spanking over shorts. Her plump bottom is warmed and reddened. Next her tight little jean shorts pulled down for an even harder spanking with hand and paddle! Sarah finishes this sorority punishment with a hot red bottom spanking on all fours in this sorority girl spanking video from SarahGregorySpanking.com!

Spanking Sorority Girl On Jean Shorts

Tight Jean Shorts Pulled Down Spanking

Red Hot Bottom Spanking OTK

Spanking OTK With Paddle

Spanking Shorts Down OTK

Maddy’s grades are slipping and she won’t be able to stay in the sorority if this continues, so Sarah gives her some extra motivation. Sarah takes poor Maddy OTK for a spanking over her panties and then puts her on all fours for a bare bottom paddling and spanking.


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Sorority Paddling Punishment Over Jean Shorts

Melanie Taylor Paddled Over Jeans

Sorority sisters Melanie Taylor and Dani Daniels are at it again! This time Dani catches Melanie cheating on an important test and administers a disciplinary sorority paddling to keep her sister in line and behaving like a proper young lady in the new sorority spanking video from Firm Hand Spanking!

Sorority Paddling Over Jean Shorts

Sorority Girl Paddled Over Jeans

Naughty sorority girl Melanie Taylor gets bent over the table by her sorority sister Dani Daniels for a proper sorority paddling over her tight jean shorts! Even through her denim shorts Melanie feels the sting of the large wooden sorority paddle on her tender bottom!

Bare Bottom Sorority Paddling

Dani Daniels swings the heavy wooden sorority paddle and forces her cheating sorority sister to count aloud each swat of the paddle as it stings her bottom! Melanie Taylor learns a painful lesson about how to behave properly in a college sorority! After Melanie gets 12 hard swats of the paddle she removes Melanie’s jean shorts to inspect her red and sore bottom!



Schoolgirl Veronica Ricci Spanked

Spanking Veronica Ricci OTK

Miss Snow Mercy wants Veronica Ricci to become the new head of her girls sorority. Unfortunately she thinks that Veronica needs to learns more discipline before she can lead the other sorority girls. Miss Snow teaches her a lesson in discipline with an otk hand spanking, wooden yardstick ruler spanking and finally a hard spanking with a heavy wooden sorority paddle on her bare teen bottom at Spanking Sorority Girls!

Schoolgirl Spanked
Wooden Ruler Spanking
Yardstick Spanking
Spanked Sorority Paddle

Veronica gets her school uniform skirt lifted and taken over Miss Mercy’s knee for a bare bottom hand spanking until her teen bottom is rosy red. Miss Snow then bends her over the desk and grabs her long wooden yardstick. She gives Veronica’s bare bum hard smacks and leaves stinging red marks on her sexy white ass. Then for her final punishment hard swats with the heavy wooden sorority paddle are then administered on the young girl!

Schoolgirl Sorority Paddling

Veronica Ricci learns a hard lesson in strict school discipline at the hands of stern Miss Snow Mercy! See the full schoolgirl spanking video at SpankingSororityGirls.com or the better valued CLARE FONDA PASS!

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