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Lesbian Sorority Initiation Spanking

Lesbian Sorority Initiation Spanking

Cute little schoolgirl, Jenna Sativa, gets a sorority initiation spanking followed by some loving lesbian aftercare and a hot make-out session. Jenna finds out what it feels like to join a new sorority. Her soon-to-be sorority sister, Star Nine, puts over over-the-knee and spanks her hard with bare hand and large wooden sorority paddle until her tender teen bottom blushes pretty and pink in this sexy sorority spanking video from SpankingSororityGirls.com!

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Jenna Sativa Sorority Initiation

Jenna Sativa is new to the school and sorority and Star Nine gives her a painful initiation which includes a hand spanking, a few whacks with the large wooden pledge paddle, and then a kiss. Jenna can hardly take it all, but she has no choice as it is all part of the red-bottomed lesson-learning ritual.




Dorothy Burnett Spanked After Class

Dorothy Burnett Spanked OTK

Petite schoolgirl Dorothy Burnett gets spanked after class in the most recent school spanking video from Northern Spanking! Dorothy Burnett is a petite little schoolgirl with a rebellious attitude, as you could probably tell from her purple hair. She’s being tutored by senior student Alex Reynolds. Dorothy’s parents have hired Alex to help their daughter focus and improve her grades. Alex catches her student Dorothy skipping class and hanging around the wrong crowd. She tries to talk to Dorothy but her bad attitude and whining about how much she hates school makes this impossible. So Alex takes another approach and gives Dorothy Burnett a hard spanking after class!!

Spanking Dorothy Burnett After School

Hairbrush Spanking Over Desk

Dorothy Burnett gets dragged back to school by her tutor, senior schoolgirl Alex Reynolds, where she’s given a proper lesson in schoolgirl punishment! Alex takes her young student over the knee and spanks her little bottom good and hard! Alex loves the feeling of exercising her authority over this petite little schoolgirl. Administering an otk hand spanking is just the beginning for young Dorothy as she learns the hard way to behave properly!

Spanked After Class Dorothy Burnett

Now that Dorothy Burnett’s exposed bottom is warmed and glowing red, she’s bent over the desk for a more severe punishment. Alex grabs her wooden hairbrush and spanks her student’s bottom good and hard to teach her a lesson! Petite young schoolgirl Dorothy Burnett is humiliated and sore from her after school spanking!

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Schoolgirl Veronica Ricci Spanked

Spanking Veronica Ricci OTK

Miss Snow Mercy wants Veronica Ricci to become the new head of her girls sorority. Unfortunately she thinks that Veronica needs to learns more discipline before she can lead the other sorority girls. Miss Snow teaches her a lesson in discipline with an otk hand spanking, wooden yardstick ruler spanking and finally a hard spanking with a heavy wooden sorority paddle on her bare teen bottom at Spanking Sorority Girls!

Schoolgirl Spanked
Wooden Ruler Spanking
Yardstick Spanking
Spanked Sorority Paddle

Veronica gets her school uniform skirt lifted and taken over Miss Mercy’s knee for a bare bottom hand spanking until her teen bottom is rosy red. Miss Snow then bends her over the desk and grabs her long wooden yardstick. She gives Veronica’s bare bum hard smacks and leaves stinging red marks on her sexy white ass. Then for her final punishment hard swats with the heavy wooden sorority paddle are then administered on the young girl!

Schoolgirl Sorority Paddling

Veronica Ricci learns a hard lesson in strict school discipline at the hands of stern Miss Snow Mercy! See the full schoolgirl spanking video at SpankingSororityGirls.com or the better valued CLARE FONDA PASS!

Spanked Sorority Girls

Bully Girls Getting Spanked By Daddy

Bully Girls Getting Spanked

Naughty schoolgirls are caught bullying students and given a hard spanking and severe strapping by daddy at Punished Brats Spanking! Adriana Evans and Mandie Rae are sisters attending the same high-school. The young ladies decided to bully some of the freshman girls. Unfortunately for these misbehaving sisters, they were caught and their father was called by the school! Daddy hates when his daughters misbehave and he really dislikes getting phone calls about their bad behavior. When the girls arrive home from school, Daddy has a surprise waiting for them…with his belt in hand!

Adriana Evans Spanked
Mandie Rae Spanking

Daddy immediately takes to disciplining his unruly daughters. He bends them both over the couch, pulls their panties down and spanks them to tears with his heavy leather strap! He gives both his daughters bare bottom strappings until their bottoms are sore and red! The girls cry hot tears with each smack of daddy’s belt!

Schoolgirls Spanked By Daddy

Daddy doesn’t tolerate bad behavior for his daughters and the get the strict disciplinary punishment they deserve! See these naughty schoolgirls getting spanked by daddy at PunishedBrats.com!

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