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Caught Masturbating And Spanked

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Horny waitress Scarlett gets caught masturbating and spanked hard on her naughty bottom. She visited Mike’s Diner and witnessed another waitress getting a sound spanking. Seeing another girl get spanked got her so hot and horny she had to get herself off. She was openly fingering her hot wet pussy in the alley behind the diner. The police caught her and took her down to the station to be interrogated by the Special Spanking Unit where she was punished with a otk slippering on the bare bottom. When Chief Johnson left the room, the horny little deviant couldn’t help herself. She pulled her panties down and fingered herself right there in the office. The waitress brought herself to orgasm but was caught again. This time she was bent over the desk and given a hard spanking with a plastic shoehorn at Spanked-In-Uniform.com!

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Scarlett visited Mike’s Diner and she was caught masturbating while waitress Jolene was being spanked. She enjoyed that so much that she started work there as a waitress getting off on as much spanking as she could. When she was openly fingering herself in the alley behind the Diner, she was caught by the Police and taken to the Special Spanking Unit. In part one Chief Johnson interrogates the horny little madam and gives her a sound slippering.

It was quite obvious that Scarlett got highly aroused by the slippering so Chief Johnson decided that before she got her next thrashing, she had to masturbate and orgasm. Then she was bent over the desk and her bare bottom got a sound thrashing with the dreaded Shoehorn. Then she was released.


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