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Sexy Xmas Spankings

sexy xmas spankings

Sexy Sarah Gregory gets a hot red bottom spanking for Christmas! Sarah dresses up in cute Grinch pajamas as she’s taken over the knee for a sexy spanking on xmas. Sarah asks her real-life boyfriend John to spank her naughty bottom. It’s all she wants for the holiday and Sarah gets what she wants. Taking her across his lap John spanks her red hot bottom good and hard at AAASpanking.com!

otk spanking christmas

spanked cherry red

red hot spanking

sarah gregory spanked in christmas pajamas

Sarah wanted to do a nice Christmas spanking video for AAA. Since she now owned the site she dressed John up in a Santa sweater whether he liked it or not. She wore cute tight Grinch themed leggings & a tee shirt then more or less told John what was happening. He wasn’t a fan of this holiday season and felt a little annoyed that he had to do this so he decided to enjoy the fact that Sarah was across his lap…asking him to spank her. How could anyone resist that offer? This 14 minute HD video features lots of banter and is an intimate portrayal of their real life relationship. It is a very watchable film as John actually shuts up and spanks his lady the way she wants it. See the fun and some spankings only he could get away with on Sarah as she attempts to bring a little pervy Christmas cheer to all those who support their work at Triple A Spanking. Merry Christmas & a very Happy Spanky New Year to you all!



Bloomers Spanking For Naughty Girl

Bloomers Spanking For Naughty Girl Sarah Gregory

Sarah Gregory has been a naughty little girl. She’s eating chocolate cake and messing up her brand new dress. Daddy told her not too get her pretty new dress all dirty. When he sees the mess his daughter has made he is very unhappy and gives her spanks his naughty little girl over his lap. Beginning with a spanking over bloomers then on her bare bottom at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Naughty Sarah Spanked In Bloomers

Bare Bottom Bloomers Spanking for Naughty Little Girl Sarah Gregory

Naughty gir spanked in bloomers by daddy

Father spanking daughter over bloomers

Messy little girls that don’t listen to daddy get spanked like they deserve. Cute dresses pulled up for bloomers spankings to warm them for harder bare bottom spankings!


Sarah Gregory Spanking Videos

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Loving Spanking Couple

Loving Spanking Couple

Loving couple’s little argument leads to a domestic spanking in the bedroom! John and Sarah are organizing a spanking party. They get into a small dispute over how their funds should be spent. John knows how this argument can be easily resolved…with a spanking! John gives his D/s partner a good old fashioned spanking over the lap in the latest spanking video update at Northern Spanking!

Panty Spanking Sarah Gregory
Loving Domestic Spanking

Sarah Gregory has her little dress pulled up revealing her pretty white panties! Her bottom gets warmed up with some heavy handed smacks over her panties. Then with her panties down she’s spanked bare bottom leaving her rosy red and sore!

Spanking Aftercare Loving

Finally after a hard bottom smacking, John gives his partner Sarah some loving spanking aftercare!

See the full video and photo galleries of this loving couple’s domestic spanking at NorthernSpanking.com!