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Cheerleader Spanked By Sister

cheerleader spanked by sister

Cute cheerleader, Kajira, gets a hard OTK spanking with hairbrush from older sister, Sarah Gregory. While the two girls are away at a cheerleading competition, young sister Kajira steals Sarah’s cheer uniform. Sarah is angry with her little sister and decides that since her mom and dad aren’t around, she’s going to give her younger sister a proper punishment spanking. KJ is taken over her sister’s knee, cheer uniform skirt lifted, cute bottom bared for hard handed swats that redden her naughty bottom quickly. But Sarah isn’t finished with her thieving little sister just yet, she has an even more painful punishment waiting for her. Grabbing a large wooden hairbrush, Sarah gives her bad younger sister a stinging spanking that leaves her squealing and squirming in pain with a shamefully red sore bottom at Cheerleader Spankings!

cute cheerleader otk bare bottom spanking with hairbrush from angry sister

angry sister spanked cheerleader over the knee with hairbrush

cute cheerleader kajira gets an otk hairbrush spanking from older sister

hard hairbrush spanking punishment for naughty cheerleader

cheerleader spanked red sore bottom after spanking from sister

cheerleader spanked by sister

Sarah’s family were on a free vacation courtesy of the cheer team as she was instrumental in getting them to the national championships. However… her younger sister, Kajira, was selfish and “borrowed” the cute cheer uniform (that Sarah had laid out for practice) to go out in and use it to help attract attention, and of course…boys! Sarah was late for her practice because of this and she decided to punish her sister like their mom or dad might do when they overstepped the mark! Kajira had little choice as Sarah was so mad at her that she had threatened to tell Daddy, who would have gotten his belt out for sure! Cute Kajira’s bum jiggles and turns a shameful sore red as she is relentlessly spanked, scolded and given a furious hairbrush punishment at the end which has her squirming in real pain and embarrassment. Sarah ensures that Kajira won’t be borrowing her uniform without asking in future or there will be the promise of more bare bottom spankings over the knee of her older sister!



Double Spanking Punishment For Sarah Gregory

double spanking punishment for sarah gregory

Sexy Sarah Gregory gets a shameful double spanking punishment from being a brat. Sarah has been making fun of her real life partner, John Osborne, and her daddy, Paul “Tubaman” Rogers, for their funny accents. The two men decide that Sarah must be punished. It’s time to make an example of her with a wooden paddle punishment and stinging strapping. Sarah gets a good shaming as she’s dominated and put in her place. Both men take turns spanking her exposed bottom until she’s red sore and remorseful at AAA Spanking!

double paddle punishment

sarah gregory spanked by two men

painful double spanking with a paddle

sarah gregory dominated and spanked by two guys

shameful double strapping

sarah gregory gets shameful double spanking

sarah gregory sore red bottom after double spanking punishment

two men spanking sarah gregory

This is a special joint production between Sarah Gregory, John Osborne & Paul “Tubaman” Rogers. This video shows Sarah getting a spanking by both her real life partner, John… & her daddy, Paul (together for the first time) for mocking their accents & making fun of them behind their backs. However, she was unaware that they were behind her when she was on the phone bad mouthing them both. They confronted her & decided the best course of action was to give her a double spanking with the use of some special implements that they shamefully plugged in this parody of the late night info-mercials! Sarah looks stunning and receives a good “butt spanking” from daddy & an interesting paddling & strapping from them both! Check it out for yourselves in this highly entertaining “bottom jiggling” extravaganza.



Naughty Girl Spanked After Birthday Party

naughty girl spanked by mom after birthday party

Being a naughty girl earns Aysel Zeeling a hard OTK spanking from mommy after birthday party. Aysel has been mean to the other girls at the party and her mother has been called. Her mom, Sarah Gregory, is very upset by her daughter’s bad behavior. As soon as they get home young Aysel is in very big trouble. After a wicked scolding, the naughty girl is taken over the knee for a good old fashioned spanking. Aysel doesn’t want to be spanked but mother insists on punishing her, she must learn to behave like a proper young lady. Aysel’s mother gives her a stinging reminder with a very sore red bottom at MommaSpankings.com!

mom spanking naughty girl otk over panties

after brithday party naughty girl gets a spanking over mom's knee

mom spanks naughty girl over the knee after birthday party

spanking aysel zeeling

otk spanking after birthday party for naughty girl aysel zeeling

mom spanking aysel zeeling

Mommy is very upset when she has to go and pick up her naughty daughter from the birthday party for being mean to the other little girls. She marches Aysel into the living room for some scolding before taking her over the knee for a spanking. Aysel doesn’t want to be spanked, but Mommy doesn’t care. Aysel needs to learn the hard way about how to behave.




Erotic Naked Spanking

erotic naked spanking

Cute redhead Rosie Ann gets an erotic naked spanking when she meets sexy Sarah Gregory for the first time. Rosie wants her naughty bottom spanked the stern and sultry Sarah. She’s been waiting a long time to give Rosie a good spanking too. Sarah agrees, but she want Rosie Ann to be naked on the bed. Starting off with a warm-up hand spanking and increasing the intensity with a bare naked strapping, this girl-on-girl spanking video from AAASpanking.com is hot and sexy from right from the start!

erotic lesbian spanking

naked hand spanking

bare naked bottom spanked

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Sarah Gregory had been wanting to meet Rosie for quite a while after seeing what had been filmed at Triple A previously! This was a memorable encounter as Rosie had seen Sarah’s strapping techniques and had asked her off camera if she could demonstrate to her what she did best! Sarah couldn’t wait, but insisted on having the lovely Rosie naked on the bed. What you will see are two fabulous ladies doing what they do best as Top and Bottom. This is fine spanking erotica at its best starring two very sexy ladies!