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Mom Spanks Kay Richards and Rainey Lane

Kay Richards Spanked

Kay Richards and her new roommate Rainey Lane get spanked by her mom Fiona when she comes to collect the overdue rent check in the most recent spanking video update at My Spanking Roommate!

Mom Spanks Kay Richards

Spanked By Mom

Kay and Mom Spank Rainey

Rainey Spanked By Mom

Rent is due and Kay’s mom comes to collect. When she does, Fiona finds the girls giggling and laughing like two little girls with no sense of responsibility. She decides that her daughter needs to be taught to be responsible and puts her over the knee for a little motivational spanking! Kay’s new roommate Rainey Lane finds this hilarious. She laughs at Kay Richards humiliating spanking from her mother. Momma reddens Kay tender bottom with bare hand swats that leaves her sore and humiliated from the spanking in front of her friend. When mom is done spanking her daughter’s bottom, she turns to Rainey…it’s her turn next to get some discipline from momma!! Rainey thinks her predicament is much less funny than when it was Kay getting spanked! A few hard smacks to her bare bottom leave this naughty girl sore and remorseful!!

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