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Double Spanking Punishment For Sarah Gregory

double spanking punishment for sarah gregory

Sexy Sarah Gregory gets a shameful double spanking punishment from being a brat. Sarah has been making fun of her real life partner, John Osborne, and her daddy, Paul “Tubaman” Rogers, for their funny accents. The two men decide that Sarah must be punished. It’s time to make an example of her with a wooden paddle punishment and stinging strapping. Sarah gets a good shaming as she’s dominated and put in her place. Both men take turns spanking her exposed bottom until she’s red sore and remorseful at AAA Spanking!

double paddle punishment

sarah gregory spanked by two men

painful double spanking with a paddle

sarah gregory dominated and spanked by two guys

shameful double strapping

sarah gregory gets shameful double spanking

sarah gregory sore red bottom after double spanking punishment

two men spanking sarah gregory

This is a special joint production between Sarah Gregory, John Osborne & Paul “Tubaman” Rogers. This video shows Sarah getting a spanking by both her real life partner, John… & her daddy, Paul (together for the first time) for mocking their accents & making fun of them behind their backs. However, she was unaware that they were behind her when she was on the phone bad mouthing them both. They confronted her & decided the best course of action was to give her a double spanking with the use of some special implements that they shamefully plugged in this parody of the late night info-mercials! Sarah looks stunning and receives a good “butt spanking” from daddy & an interesting paddling & strapping from them both! Check it out for yourselves in this highly entertaining “bottom jiggling” extravaganza.



Jessica Fox Paddled For Being Cheeky

Jessica Fox Paddled For Being Cheeky

Secretary Jessica Fox gets a bare bottom paddling in the office for being cheeky and rude to customers. Jessica runs the help desk for Miss Sarah Stern. When customers being complaining about her rude and cheeky attitude, Miss Stern takes action. The rude secretary is given her very first spanking punishment. The dominant lady boss doesn’t hold back and punishes her subordinate harshly. Unfortunately for Jessica, one of the customers doesn’t feel that she’s been punished enough. So Miss Stern decides that a second punishment is needed. This time Jessica is going to get her first taste of the paddle. The naughty office girl must place her hands on the wall and bare her bottom to be paddled at English Spankers!

Cheeky Secretary Paddled

Grab your ankles for paddling

bare ass paddling

secretary jessica fox bent over spanking in office

secretary spanked in stockings

secretary spanked red bottom with paddle at work

Jessica the lady who looks after our help desk has just been spanked because she has been exceptionally rude to one of our members but the members concerned was, rightly not happy with that level of punishment. It is decided that she should be paddled, Jessica has little option but to agree and gets ready for the pain she knows she is going to receive. This is only her second punishment and her very first ever taste of the paddle!


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Naked OTK Spanking

naked otk spanking

Belinda Lawson gets stripped naked for a hard otk spanking and paddling! She begs her boss for a nude spanking. She’s a sexy young lawyer that craves the firm hand of a dominant man. She’s found the perfect sir to give her the hard discipline she needs. She removes her clothes and is taken over the boss’s knee. Belinda gets a bare hand spanking until her pert bottom glows red. Then the heat is turned up when she’s paddled on her already red bottom at FirmHandSpanking.com!

belinda lawson naked spanked otk

naked over the knee spanking

spanking belinda lawson naked otk

naked girl spanked otk

girl gets naked spanking otk

bare bottom spanking with paddle

Young lawyer Belinda Lawson thinks corporal punishment counselling is working but foolishly suggests stripping nude for a spanking in Asking For It. How can Earl Grey refuse as she lowers her curvy, bouncy bottom over his knee for a spanking? Being a smartass moves means a ping pong bat before 40 with a burning wood paddle.



Sexy Girl For Hire Spanking

Sexy Girl For Hire Spanked

Sexy girl for hire, Rachel Leigh, gets hot spanking from Sarah Stern. Rachel is interviewing for a job at the Sexy Cleaning Company where she will work as a spankee for hire. It’s Miss Stern’s job to find out if the new girl can take a rigorous spanking. Rachel finds out that this job is hard than she thought. She’s spanked with a leather paddle by her sadistic new boss lady until her bare cheeks glow bright red. Then the young prostitute is given a humiliating spanking in the wheelbarrow position with her legs spread wide open in this sexy spanking video from English-Spankers.com!

Sexy Hooker Spanking

Sexy girl spanked red bottom

sexy girl wheelbarrow spanking

sexy prositiute spanking

Rachel Leigh has just had her first interview for a job at the Sexy Cleaning Company, this involved her being spanked rather harder than she thought necessary by the lady who ran the company. She thought that she now had a job but it was obvious that this rather sadistic lady had other ideas. She produced a leather paddle and despite Rachel’s protestations she proceeded to paddle her bare bottom. Then to add further humiliation she put her into the “wheelbarrow” position, spread her lags and continued with the beating.


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