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Sexy Lingerie Spanking

Sexy Lingerie Spanking

Nyssa Nevers gives Carissa Montgomery a sound spanking in sexy lingerie in the latest update from AAASpanking.com! Carissa has just finished spanking Nyssa and now it’s her turn to go over the knee. Staring with a spanking over her red panties then on the bare bottom!

Spanked in Lingerie

Carissa Mongomery Spanked OTK Red Lingerie

Sexy Bare Bottom Lingerie Spanking


It was Carissa’s turn to go over Nyssa’s lap for a final spanking. She was wearing very sexy red lingerie and this was tight against her bottom and heaving breasts. Nyssa took delight in giving Carissa sensations of pleasure and pain with some hand spankings and scraping of fingers along the cheeks of her bottom and thighs which made Carissa very ticklish and nervous! When her red panties were removed, the sensation play was continued with varying smacks of Nyssa’s hand and use of her nails to even blowing on the areas that she had started turning red! Carissa was never able to wonder whether this was a punishment or whether it was purely play… however, the reassuring giggles and laughter between the two girls (as they were good friends, after all) proved that this was consensual playtime! See this hot conclusion to the spanking exploits of Carissa and Nyssa in the second part of their exciting spanking play!

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Spanking Nyssa Nevers OTK

Nyssa Nevers Spanked OTK

Nyssa Nevers gets spanked otk when she teases one of the other working girls too much! Having a sense of humor is good but Nyssa takes it too far with Fiona Murphy. She teases her about letting herself get spanked earlier. This a big mistake because Fiona is ready to fight back! She puts Nyssa over her knee and spanks her sexy bottom good and hard at Spanked Callgirls!

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Bare Bottom Hand Spanking

Fiona may be a small girl but when she’s angry she spanks hard! She wrestles her trash talking co-worker Nyssa Nevers and gets her across her lap for an otk spanking to teach her a lesson. Fiona isn’t happy about being teased like a little girl and she fights back with hard swats from her bare hand across Nyssa’s exposed ass!

Spanking Nyssa Nevers

Nyssa Nevers is caught by surprise by the forceful spanking. Her bottom stings as she’s spanked hard with bare hand. She struggles to break free of Fiona’s grasp. Her bottom glows brightly from repeated smacks on her bare bottom! She learns a painful lesson about too much teasing!

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