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Sexy Girl On Girl Spanking Fun

sexy girl on girl spanking fun

Christy Cutie and Casey Calvert are always game for some sexy girl on girl spanking fun! The naughty ladies know they look so incredibly hot in sexy lingerie and are in the mood for some erotic spanking play. They spank and tease eachother with a variety of spanking impements in this hot and sexy all girl spanking video from AAASpanking.com!

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Christy and Casey were more than just good friends, they were spanking friends. They never had a problem helping each other out if they wanted a sensual paddling or ass smacking with some fun erotic play. They knew that they both looked good in their stockings and sexy lingerie so it wasn’t long before Casey couldn’t keep her hands off Christie’s voluptuous full spankable bottom! They had both been spanked earlier and now, with just a beautiful glow remaining on their bottoms, they teased out the red color once again. They both took turns to spank and use a couple of their favorite toys on their bare behinds. Afterward, the girls rubbed lotion lovingly onto their glowing cheeks. This video also contains some fantastic close up angles of the girls bottoms in a bonus rear cam view at the end. It is a very sexy and sensual all girl spanking experience.



Spanking Mature Woman To Tears

spanking mature woman to tears

Mature and sexy Eric Scott gets a tearful spanking. A warm-up spanking turns into a very real punishment. Erica has been forbidden to speak the name of a certain man by John. As he is giving her a nice bottom warming before a spanking party she utters those forbidden words. Her carelessness earns the mature woman a severe spanking from her angry man. John makes good use of all the spanking implements her has on hand including leather straps, hairbrushes and paddles. Erica learns to mind her words and pays a painful penalty for her slip of the tongue. She’s spanked to tears and left to reflect on her bad behavior with a red and very sore bottom in this very real mature spanking video from AAASpanking.com!

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Erica Scott & John Osborne were partners who were attending a large National Spanking Party. Erica had asked John to warm her up and give her bottom a nice glow to start off the evening. Everything was going well until she mentioned the name of a man in a moment of pleasure that John had forbidden Erica to associate with. He was beyond disappointed and very angry. The direction of this warm up changed from affection to one of a real punishment as Erica’s panties were pulled down roughly and John started to use the leather straps more forcefully, following through and using wooden implements such as the hairbrush and paddle that he knew Erica really disliked! She was scolded and severely chastised in this very real punishment that Erica later admitted had got inside her headspace, bringing her to remorse and tears!



Spanked For Watching Spanking Porn

Spanked For Watching Spanking Porn At Work

Sexy secretary, Amelia Jane Rutherford, gets a sexy f/f spanking when her boss catches her watching porn at work! Amelia aka Ariel Anderssen has been using the company credit card to purchase memberships to adult websites. If that’s not bad enough, she’s been viewing the porn videos while she’s working. Her employer, Sarah Stern, has caught on to her little scam and finds out that Amelia Jane has a kinky spanking fetish! Naughty Miss Rutherford is given a good bottom smacking in sexy lingerie as Miss Stern produces a leather paddle that leaves Amelia’s spankable bottom bright cherry red in the latest spanking video release from English-Spankers.com!

Amelia Jane Rutherford Spanked

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Amelia Rutherford gets leather paddle across her lingerie covered bottom for watching spanking porn at work!

Watching Spanking Porn At Work

Amelia Jane Rutherford has been caught out by her employer watching porn at work on her computer. Not only that she has been paying for it with her company credit card. A home visit is called for and it is decided that as Amelia is into watching porn, spanking porn, she should be punished in a similar fashion. A leather paddle is produced and Amelia starts to experience a real hard thrashing on the bare bottom.


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