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Sexy French Maid Uniform Spanking

Maid Uniform Spanking

Sexy Leandra James works for the sexy maid cleaning agency. She’s been sent out to a new client for a strip tease show. When her she starts to remove her sexy French maid uniform, he catches a glimpse of her granny panties! She’s reprimanded by the agency and sent back to the client who gives her a long, hard otk spanking!

French Maid Spanked OTK
Maid Spanked Over Panties
Spanking The Maid
Leandra James Spanked
Maid Uniform Spanking OTK

Scolded and lectured by the client for her choice in panties. Leandra is gets spanked otk in her maid uniform. First spanked over her panties then stripped and spanked on her bare bottom otk! After a bum reddening hand spanking she’s sent to the corner with her bare red bottom on display!

Cornertime Spanking

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