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Sorority Girls Spanking Eachother

Sorority Girl on Girl Spanking

Infamous badgirl, Krissy Kage, returns to the girls sorority house. She finds Gigi Allens staying in her room and she wants it back. An argument over who gets the room quickly turns into a girlfight that ends with the two sorority girls spanking eachother on bare bottoms with hand and hairbrush at SpankingSororityGirls.com

Immediately Gigi refuses Krissy’s demands to relinquish her room. Krissy has anger management issues and overpowers Gigi. She throws her over her knee, spanking her over tight gym shorts. Then Krissy pulls Gigi’s spandex shorts and panties down for a hard bare bottom spanking!

Gigi isn’t one to accept losing. She’s a tall and tough blonde that can give as good as she takes. She flips the script on naughty Krissy by putting the aggressive girl over her knee for a hand spanking over panties followed by a hard bathbrush spanking on the bare!

F/F Spanking Sorority Girls

Sorority Girls Spanked Bare Bottom

Sorority Girl Spanked Over Panties

Girl/Girl Sorority Spanking

Panties Down Spanking Sorority Girl

OTK Spanking Sorority Girl

Spanked Sorority Girl Sore Bottom

Spanked Sorority Girls Red Bottoms

Sorority Spanking Girlfight

The bad girl Krissy Kage returns to the sorority and demands that Gigi Allens give her the room back since it used to be hers. When Gigi refuses, Krissy throws her over her knee for a spanking. But Gigi is tall and tough herself and gives Krissy a hard spanking, too. And not just with her hand. Gigi also uses a large wooden bath brush that leaves Krissy’s bottom bright red and sore for days.


Spanked Sorority Girls


Lesbian Spanking Wishes

Girls Spanking Girls

Sexy Goldie gets her very first lesbian spanking when she’s visited by blonde bombshell genie Gigi Allens! Goldie wishes for a sexy lesbian make-out session and sensual massage from her wish-giving magic genie. When she’s told that she’s not her genie’s favorite kissing partner Goldie uses her next wish to spank Gigi Allens big bouncy bottom at Girl Spanks Girl!

Goldie Spanked
Lesbian Spanking Wishes
OTK Lesbian Spanking

After cute Goldie gets her revenge spanking and finishes smacking Gigi’s bum, she uses her final wish. Goldie wishes for everything she deserves. And she gets all she deserves and more when Gigi takes her over-the-knee and spanks her cute little ass!

Spanked Lesbian Bottoms

See Goldie get what she deserves as her sexy tight bottom spanked for the first time ever after she gives Gigi Allens a good hard otk lesbian spanking at GirlSpanksGirl.com or with the better valued Clare Fonda Pass!