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Daddy/Daughter Spanking

daddy spanking daughter

Naughty daughter Joelle Barros gets spanked by daddy. She’s dressed in pajamas and ready for bed when she’s summoned. She’s been a bad girl growing up and she knows when a bedtime punishment is coming. Her stepdad takes her across the lap for a hard spanking over pajamas. Then Joelle tries to resist as she gets her panties pulled down for a hard bare bottom hand spanking otk. Her tender young bottom is spanked until it’s bright cherry red and sore in this daddy/daughter spanking video from AAASpanking.com!

daddy spanking stepdaughter

daughter spanked over panties

stepdad spanking daughter

spanked stepdaughter

stepdaughter spanked otk by stepdaddy

panties down otk spanking by stepdaddy

Joelle got a humiliating bedtime spanking over her pajamas just like she did when she was naughty or had forgotten to do her homework in the past and these memories came flooding back. It was embarrassing and humiliating to be over his knee again as a grown woman but she wasn’t going to give him the pleasure of being right and she took her punishment, first over her panties then on her bare bottom! It had been a long time since her cheeks had been reddened in shame like this. She was going to find it difficult to sleep that night! Don’t miss Joelle looking cute as a button in genuine vintage PJs and braided pigtails!



Bloomers Spanking For Naughty Girl

Bloomers Spanking For Naughty Girl Sarah Gregory

Sarah Gregory has been a naughty little girl. She’s eating chocolate cake and messing up her brand new dress. Daddy told her not too get her pretty new dress all dirty. When he sees the mess his daughter has made he is very unhappy and gives her spanks his naughty little girl over his lap. Beginning with a spanking over bloomers then on her bare bottom at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Naughty Sarah Spanked In Bloomers

Bare Bottom Bloomers Spanking for Naughty Little Girl Sarah Gregory

Naughty gir spanked in bloomers by daddy

Father spanking daughter over bloomers

Messy little girls that don’t listen to daddy get spanked like they deserve. Cute dresses pulled up for bloomers spankings to warm them for harder bare bottom spankings!


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Daddy Spanks Daughters at Bedtime

Sisters Strapped By Daddy

Two naughty sisters, Mandie Rae and Adriana Evans get caught smoking in the house while day was away on business. When he comes home and smells smoke in the air he knows exactly who to punish! Daddy grabs his thick leather strap and bends both girls over the bed for a proper bare bottom bedtime strapping in the latest bedtime spanking video at Punished Brats!

Daddy Spanking Daughters at Bedtime

Sisters Bedtime Spankings

Two Daughters Bedtime Spankings

These two sisters get their panties pulled down as they’re bent over the bed. Daddy swings his leather strap hard against their tender teen bottoms. Both girls are strapped hard until they cried hot tears of remorse!

Cornertime for Naughty Daughters

Big sister Adriana was sent tearful after her spanking into the corner as her younger sister Mandie felt the sting of daddy’s strap all alone. Adriana and her sister Mandie knew the penalty for smoking in their daddy’s house. He’s made it very clear that a severe punishment will be administered!


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Bully Girls Getting Spanked By Daddy

Bully Girls Getting Spanked

Naughty schoolgirls are caught bullying students and given a hard spanking and severe strapping by daddy at Punished Brats Spanking! Adriana Evans and Mandie Rae are sisters attending the same high-school. The young ladies decided to bully some of the freshman girls. Unfortunately for these misbehaving sisters, they were caught and their father was called by the school! Daddy hates when his daughters misbehave and he really dislikes getting phone calls about their bad behavior. When the girls arrive home from school, Daddy has a surprise waiting for them…with his belt in hand!

Adriana Evans Spanked
Mandie Rae Spanking

Daddy immediately takes to disciplining his unruly daughters. He bends them both over the couch, pulls their panties down and spanks them to tears with his heavy leather strap! He gives both his daughters bare bottom strappings until their bottoms are sore and red! The girls cry hot tears with each smack of daddy’s belt!

Schoolgirls Spanked By Daddy

Daddy doesn’t tolerate bad behavior for his daughters and the get the strict disciplinary punishment they deserve! See these naughty schoolgirls getting spanked by daddy at PunishedBrats.com!

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