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Lesbian Domme Administers Severe Spanking Punishment

lesbian domme administers severe spanking punishment

Strict lesbian dominatrix, Snow Mercy, asserts her dominance over lesser domme with a severe spanking punishment! The new girl, Bella Bathory, is forced into submission by Mistress Snow. Bella is embarrassed as her clothes are stripped away she’s left naked with only tiny thong panties that leave her completely exposed and vulnerable. She is then taken over the mistress’s knee and given a very long and hard spanking with hand and hairbrush. But this is only the beginning of her punishment. Bella is then tied up and spanked with various implements of pain including wooden paddle, riding crop, whip and the dreaded cane! She squeals and squirms in pain as she’s forced to submit to the dominant lesbian’s will. Her is bottom very red and extremely sore. Mistress Snow orders Bella to get on her knees and face the wall. With hands on her head and blistered bottom on display, Bella has ample time to reflect on who is really in charge at GirlSpanksGirl.com!

dominant mistress severely spanks and punishes lesbian girl

lesbian tied up and spanked by dominatrix

tied up and bound lesbian gets severe spanking and caning from strict domme

severe spanking and punishment for lesbian domme by more dominant mistress

Mistress Bella Bathory makes the mistake of believing that she is the top dominatrix in town. Mistress Snow Mercy decides to show who the real top domme is. She punishes Bella long and hard, using her hand, a hairbrush, a crop, a wooden paddle, a whip and a cane, leaving Bella marked for weeks and wailing and squirming in pain. A real and intense scene from two great dominatrixes, and the induction the of Mistress Bella.