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College Girls Caned At Home

College girls caned at home.

College girls, Luna and Bell, get a home caning punishment. The girls were reprimanded on the last day of class before the summer break. The two ladies are now home from college. The girls know that being punished at school means that they will also be disciplined at home. When mom finds out about their bad behavior while away at college the girls are severely punished with bare bottom canings. The pair prepares to be punished. Order to grab their ankles, assume the position and prepare for the cane. Mom leaves no doubt that she’s still in charge of these two young ladies as she blisters their bottoms with a good thrashing from the cane at EnglishSpankers.com!

College teens Luna and Bell get home caning punishment.

College girls double caning at home.

College girls bend over and prepare for the cane.

Punished pair of college girls caned together at home.

College girls sore bottoms red after home caning punishment and discipline.

College Girls Caning

Luna and Bell are home from college where they were punished on the last day of term. They know full well that if they are punished at college then they will be punished at home as well. They have both had a good hard paddling and Luna has been caned so now it is the turn of Bell to bend over with her bare bottom ready for the senior girls cane. She gets a real dressing down and then it is left to the cane to do its work on her bare bottom. A top quality caning film.


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