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Bloomers Spanking For Naughty Girl

Bloomers Spanking For Naughty Girl Sarah Gregory

Sarah Gregory has been a naughty little girl. She’s eating chocolate cake and messing up her brand new dress. Daddy told her not too get her pretty new dress all dirty. When he sees the mess his daughter has made he is very unhappy and gives her spanks his naughty little girl over his lap. Beginning with a spanking over bloomers then on her bare bottom at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Naughty Sarah Spanked In Bloomers

Bare Bottom Bloomers Spanking for Naughty Little Girl Sarah Gregory

Naughty gir spanked in bloomers by daddy

Father spanking daughter over bloomers

Messy little girls that don’t listen to daddy get spanked like they deserve. Cute dresses pulled up for bloomers spankings to warm them for harder bare bottom spankings!


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