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Sexy Spankings For Naughty Nurse

Sexy Spankings For Naughty Nurse

Naughty nurse, April May, gets sexy spankings when she’s caught in a compromising position. Sarah Stern catches the naughty nurse topless while giving her husband a spanking with a leather paddle. Sarah proceeds to punish the naughty nurse with a sexy wheelbarrow spanking over panties then continues to redden her round bottom after pulling her panties down in this hot f/f spanking video from SpankingSarah.com!

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‘Spanking Nurse’ starring April May and Sarah Stern

Nurse April is not quite what you would expect from the national health service, she offers treatments above and beyond the call of duty. These include providing strong drink and showing off her boobs to her patients and then spanking them with her leather paddle, can this be right? Kevin obviously thinks so as he seems to enjoy the rather painful treatment. When she is caught her punishment follows and is more painful and humiliating for her.

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