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Naughty Little Cheerleader Spanked OTK

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Naughty little cheerleader, Alice Michaels, gets a hard OTK spanking in her cheer uniform. The young teen girl is traveling with her cheer squad for the first time ever. Alice is excited by being away from home, but bad behavior quickly gets the naughty little girl into big trouble. She’s taken away by a disappointed coach and taught a harsh lesson. Alice is put over the knee, her cheer skirt lifted and panties pulled down for an OTK hand spanking. Her tender young bottom stinging and red already but her punishment wasn’t over yet. Next coach used various spanking implements including a hairbrush and wooden paddle to punish the cheerleader’s naughty behavior. Finally young Alice was humiliated when she was forced to stand in the hotel window with her tender red bottom on display at Cheerleader Spankings!

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This was Alice’s first trip away with the cheer squad and she had got carried away the night before making so much noise with her youthful excitement of leaving home for the first time. However, the coach was disappointed that she was so poorly behaved so he gave her a reminder of what happened to naughty little girls. Alice got an OTK hand spanking with her panties pulled down and then he used a variety of painful implements including a wooden paddle and hairbrush whilst still over his lap to teach her a lesson in behavior. The end of this video saw him position Alice in front of the large hotel window so everyone could see her glowing red bottom on full display.