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Cheerleader Spankings OTK

cheerleader spanking otk

Young cheerleader Julie gets a panties down OTK spanking for repeatedly forgetting to pay school fees. She’s been reminded several times that the monthly fees must be paid to the school. Julie is finally summoned for a meeting with her coach. She’s informed of the repeated violations and told that more drastic measures must be taken to assure her compliance in the future. She’s taken over the knee and given a very hard spanking in cheerleader uniform that leaves her naughty bottom bright cherry red at Spanked In Uniform!

cheerleader spankings otk

spanking cheerleader otk

cheerleader otk spanking

panties down otk spanking for cheerleader

Cheerleader Julie was told on numerous occasions to ask her Mum to pay the monthly school fee but she kept forgetting. Time for a bit more drastic action. Coach told her to meet him in the Rec room and after a good scolding, she ended up over his knee getting her bottom soundly spanked!


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Caught Masturbating And Spanked

otk spanking with slipper

Horny waitress Scarlett gets caught masturbating and spanked hard on her naughty bottom. She visited Mike’s Diner and witnessed another waitress getting a sound spanking. Seeing another girl get spanked got her so hot and horny she had to get herself off. She was openly fingering her hot wet pussy in the alley behind the diner. The police caught her and took her down to the station to be interrogated by the Special Spanking Unit where she was punished with a otk slippering on the bare bottom. When Chief Johnson left the room, the horny little deviant couldn’t help herself. She pulled her panties down and fingered herself right there in the office. The waitress brought herself to orgasm but was caught again. This time she was bent over the desk and given a hard spanking with a plastic shoehorn at!

spanking scarlett

bare bottom slippering

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slippering otk

otk slippering

girl caught masturbating and spanked

bent over desk and spanked

young girl punished

panties down spanking

spanked for masturbating

cherry red bottom spanked

Scarlett visited Mike’s Diner and she was caught masturbating while waitress Jolene was being spanked. She enjoyed that so much that she started work there as a waitress getting off on as much spanking as she could. When she was openly fingering herself in the alley behind the Diner, she was caught by the Police and taken to the Special Spanking Unit. In part one Chief Johnson interrogates the horny little madam and gives her a sound slippering.

It was quite obvious that Scarlett got highly aroused by the slippering so Chief Johnson decided that before she got her next thrashing, she had to masturbate and orgasm. Then she was bent over the desk and her bare bottom got a sound thrashing with the dreaded Shoehorn. Then she was released.


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Naughty Nurses Spanked In Uniform

Naughty Nurses Getting Spanked

Naughty nurses Ivey and Mandy get disciplinary spankings from the head doctor in the latest update at Spanked In Uniform! When the good doctor hears that his nurses are giving patients a hard time he steps in and administers strict discipline on his staff of naughty ladies! Mandy and Ivey are both thoroughly chastised and given over-the-knee spanking on bare bottoms by the authoritative doctor. He punishes both girls by giving them hard handed swats to the exposed bottom when her pulls up their uniform skirts and bends them over his knee!

Nurse Spanked OTK
Nurse Uniform Spanking

Dr Mike doesn’t take kind to his nursing staff being rude to his patients. Discipline must be administer swiftly to his staff of misbehaving ladies. Ivey and Mandy get their bottoms spanked red with hard hand smacks to exposed asses. The girls are firmly scolded and given cornertime punishments following their otk spankings!

Naughty Nurse Spanked In Uniform

The girls feel the sting of the doctors firm hand. With stinging and sore bottoms the reflect on their bad behavior as they are forced to stand in the corner as punishment!

See naughty nurses spanked in uniform for bad behavior at!

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Sexy French Maid Uniform Spanking

Maid Uniform Spanking

Sexy Leandra James works for the sexy maid cleaning agency. She’s been sent out to a new client for a strip tease show. When her she starts to remove her sexy French maid uniform, he catches a glimpse of her granny panties! She’s reprimanded by the agency and sent back to the client who gives her a long, hard otk spanking!

French Maid Spanked OTK
Maid Spanked Over Panties
Spanking The Maid
Leandra James Spanked
Maid Uniform Spanking OTK

Scolded and lectured by the client for her choice in panties. Leandra is gets spanked otk in her maid uniform. First spanked over her panties then stripped and spanked on her bare bottom otk! After a bum reddening hand spanking she’s sent to the corner with her bare red bottom on display!

Cornertime Spanking

See sexy blonde Leandra James get French maid uniform spanking at Spanked in Uniform!

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