Rosie Ann Wooden Spoon Spanking

Wooden Spoon Spanking

Rosie Ann has already been spanked earlier. After being hung upside down by her feet from a crossbar and spanked on her big round bottom, she’s caned across her plump and sexy ass and now it’s time for the main event! Rosie Ann gets a wooden spoon spanking in the kitchen at AAA Spanking!

Kitchen Spanking
Rosie Ann Spanked
Spanked with wooden spoon

Cute little Rosie Ann gets bent over the kitchen counter and given a sound spanking on her rosy red ass with heavy oak spoon! Her bottom stings from the sharp shock of each swat on her already sore ass! She takes countless heavy smacks across her exposed cheeks as the wooden spoon impacts her bouncy bottom!

Spanking Rosie Ann in Kitchen

See Rosie Ann Spanked upside down with bare hand, then tied to St. Andrews Cross and caned on her sore and stinging bottom then special finale as she’s given a wooden spoon spanking in the kitchen at!