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Bianca Rose Self Spanking

Self Spanking Over Jeans

Sexy redhead, Bianca Rose, gives herself a hard spanking with a large bathbrush. Her mother wasn’t happy with her recent behavior and she was very displeased. Back in the day her mom would have spanked her for this kind bad behavior. Her mother gave her a good tongue lashing and left angry. Once she was alone, Bianca wondered what it would be like to get a spanking now. It wasn’t long before she found a large wooden bathbrush and gave herself a sound spanking. First she spanked herself over her tight jeans, then pulling her jeans and panties down, she spanked her own bottom until it was bright cherry red at!

Bianca Rose Spanks Herself Over Panties

Self Spanking with Bathbrush

Bathbrush Self Spanking Bianca Rose

Bianca Rose Spanks Herself Red Bottom

Bianca Rose Spanks Herself at Punished Brats

Bianca Spanks Herself

Bianca’s mother was very upset with her slacking on her chores and the state of her room. She noted that if she were a little girl she’d get a spanking, but that ship had sailed. After her mother left, a curious Bianca wondered what it would feel like to be spanked at her age. Before she knew it, the tall redhead was spanking herself with the bath brush. She stated over her jeans, then, growing more daring, her panties. Finally she lowered her panties and lost herself in the experience. Unfortunately, she did not hear her mother coming and the poor woman was stunned at seeing her daughter engaged in this activity. Grabbing her daughter, she pulled her from the room to instruct her on what a real spanking feels like!


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Cheating Wife Caught And Spanked

Wife Cheating On Husband With Lesbian Girlfriend

Adriana Evans and her girlfriend, Mandie Rae come home late for a fun girls night out. Feeling like their walking on clouds from the steady flow of drinks, the girls are feeling frisky and aren’t ready for the night to end yet. The girls are horny as hell and kissing turns to touching. Before long the two lover are in bed together making out hand when Adriana starts using her vibrator on cute Mandie. Adriana’s husband unexpectedly bursts through the door and catches his wives in bed with a lesbian! He takes the opportunity to force his wife to pull her girlfriends panties down and give her a hard otk spanking on her bare bottom! Mandie resists until Dominic blackmails her into submission by threatening to tell her religious father about her lesbian indiscretions with his wife!

Cheating Lesbians Vibrators

Cheating Wife Caught Fucking Lesbian Lover and Forced to Spank Her

Caught Cheating By Husband And Has To Spank Her Lesbian Lover

Bare Bottom Panties Down Spanking Lesbians

Naughty Adriana Evans Caught Cheating Forced To Spank Lesbian Girlfriend Mandie Rae

Close Friends: Spanking Mandie

Adriana and Mandie had been out for the night. Upon their return home, the two close friends wanted to be even closer and started to explore each other’s bodies. Unexpectedly, Adriana’s husband returned home and found the two in their passionate embrace. He demanded that, as punishment, Adriana give her little friend a hard spanking. If Mandie were to refuse, her father, The Reverend Rae, would get a call. Mandie went over her friends lap as Dominic watched with great satisfaction.


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Daddy Spanks Daughters at Bedtime

Sisters Strapped By Daddy

Two naughty sisters, Mandie Rae and Adriana Evans get caught smoking in the house while day was away on business. When he comes home and smells smoke in the air he knows exactly who to punish! Daddy grabs his thick leather strap and bends both girls over the bed for a proper bare bottom bedtime strapping in the latest bedtime spanking video at Punished Brats!

Daddy Spanking Daughters at Bedtime

Sisters Bedtime Spankings

Two Daughters Bedtime Spankings

These two sisters get their panties pulled down as they’re bent over the bed. Daddy swings his leather strap hard against their tender teen bottoms. Both girls are strapped hard until they cried hot tears of remorse!

Cornertime for Naughty Daughters

Big sister Adriana was sent tearful after her spanking into the corner as her younger sister Mandie felt the sting of daddy’s strap all alone. Adriana and her sister Mandie knew the penalty for smoking in their daddy’s house. He’s made it very clear that a severe punishment will be administered!


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Naughty Daughter Spanking With Spatula

Spatula Spanking For Naughty Teen Daughter

Naughty daughter Mandie Rae gets spanked with kitchen spatula! Traveling back in time to the 1960’s, Mandie Rae’s mother, Audrey Sugarsmak has been baking cupcakes all day. She’s arranged the cupcakes to cool on the kitchen counter and leaves for some much needed rest. When she comes back into the kitchen she finds her daughter Mandie Rae but no cupcakes. Clearly Mandie is guilty of the missing edibles so her mother confronts her. Mandie claims to know nothing about the missing baked goods but her mom knows better. Mandie Rae’s angry mom bends over over a chair and spanks her bottom right there in the kitchen with a spatula!

Mom Spanks Daughter With Spatula

Mandie Rae gets a bare bottom spatula spanking in the kitchen. Her mother’s anger is unleashed on her naughty daughter’s bare bottom! Audrey tells her daughter that her behavior must change and that if it doesn’t there will be even more strict punishment in her future. Mandie’s rebellious response earns her a mouth-soaping to go along with her sore bottom!

Naughty Daughter Spanking Mandie Rae

Naughty Mandie Rae learns a hard lesson from her strict mother Audrey Sugarsmak with a kitchen spatula spanking and mouth-soaping punishment at in this hard spanking home punishment from the 1960’s!

See naughty daughter Mandie Rae getting spanked by her angry mom with the kitchen spatula before she gets her mouth soaped for her rebellious attitude at

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