Alison Miller Spanking and Strapping for Not Cleaning House

spanking alison miller for not cleaning house

Fiery redhead Alison Miller gets spanked and strapped for not performing her domestic duties by keeping the house clean. She’s been warned to keep a clean house. Her boyfriend has told her before, “Keep it clean or else you’ll be punished!”. She knows exactly what that means. Unfortunately for Alison, she didn’t follow instructions and paid the price with burning bright red bottom!

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domestic spanking and strapping for alsion miller

Keep things tidy or you get a spanking and the strap! With her suitcase spilling clothes all over the floor of their bedroom, Alison finds out what Patrick Bateman means by “tidy” and Domestic Discipline. Laid flat out on the bed, pert bottom swiftly bared, she yelps her way through a spanking and a strapping with a two-tailed tawse. “That leather stings so bad,” she complained. Good job!



Jessica Fox Paddled For Being Cheeky

Jessica Fox Paddled For Being Cheeky

Secretary Jessica Fox gets a bare bottom paddling in the office for being cheeky and rude to customers. Jessica runs the help desk for Miss Sarah Stern. When customers being complaining about her rude and cheeky attitude, Miss Stern takes action. The rude secretary is given her very first spanking punishment. The dominant lady boss doesn’t hold back and punishes her subordinate harshly. Unfortunately for Jessica, one of the customers doesn’t feel that she’s been punished enough. So Miss Stern decides that a second punishment is needed. This time Jessica is going to get her first taste of the paddle. The naughty office girl must place her hands on the wall and bare her bottom to be paddled at English Spankers!

Cheeky Secretary Paddled

Grab your ankles for paddling

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Jessica the lady who looks after our help desk has just been spanked because she has been exceptionally rude to one of our members but the members concerned was, rightly not happy with that level of punishment. It is decided that she should be paddled, Jessica has little option but to agree and gets ready for the pain she knows she is going to receive. This is only her second punishment and her very first ever taste of the paddle!


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Cheerleader Spankings OTK

cheerleader spanking otk

Young cheerleader Julie gets a panties down OTK spanking for repeatedly forgetting to pay school fees. She’s been reminded several times that the monthly fees must be paid to the school. Julie is finally summoned for a meeting with her coach. She’s informed of the repeated violations and told that more drastic measures must be taken to assure her compliance in the future. She’s taken over the knee and given a very hard spanking in cheerleader uniform that leaves her naughty bottom bright cherry red at Spanked In Uniform!

cheerleader spankings otk

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Cheerleader Julie was told on numerous occasions to ask her Mum to pay the monthly school fee but she kept forgetting. Time for a bit more drastic action. Coach told her to meet him in the Rec room and after a good scolding, she ended up over his knee getting her bottom soundly spanked!


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A Spanking Before School

spanking before school

Naughty schoolgirl Mandie Rae gets a hard otk spanking before school from her angry mom! She’s confronted by her mother, Adriana Evans, for failing to complete chores. Mandie curses and disrespects her mom, this means big trouble. Adriana promises that she will punished properly in the morning. When she wakes, the looming fear of punishment has Mandie in tears. Quickly mother takes her over the knee. Lifting her uniform skirt and promptly punishing her naughty little bottom. After a fast hand spanking followed by hard swats with dreaded hairbrush, Mandie is sent off to school with a very red and sore bottom at Punished Brats!

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When Mandie awoke, she slowly prepared herself for school and seemed to have forgotten that her mother had promised her a sound spanking that morning for cursing at her when instructed to do her chores. When her mother came into her room, Mandie remembered that she was in big trouble.

Grabbed by the arm and dragged down the hallway to her mother’s room, Mandie already had tears in her eyes. She was taken over her mother’s lap, her uniform skirt lifted and her punishment was underway. Mandie pleaded with her mother when instructed to get up and fetch the brush on the dresser but her pleas were in vain. When the wooden brush landed upon her bare bottom, Mandie cried out and promised to be good. After a long hard spanking at the hand of her mother, Mandie was sent to catch the bus for school. She dreaded the humiliation ahead, knowing that there was no way to hide her tears.


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