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Big Bottom Spanking Therapy

Jenni Mack Spanking Therapy Nurses Office

Jenni Mack gets a therapeutic spanking on her big bottom. She pays a visit to the doctor’s office. The head nurse gives her a through medical examination. After Jenni’s exam the nurse tells her she could benefit from some spanking therapy. Jenni Mack is willing to give it a try. Her nurse, Miss Chris bends her over the exam table and spanks her big bottom. First Jenni Mack gets spanked over panties. Next her panties are pulled down for a real big bottom spanking with bare hand and paddle!

Jenni Mack Spanked Over Panties

Big Bottom Spanking Jenni Mack

Big Bottom Spanked Bare Hand

Jenni Mack Spanked On Big Bottom

Big Bottom Paddling Jenni Mack

Big Bottom Spanking Therapy Jenni Mack Spanked Bare Bottom

Percussive Therapy

Jenni begins her first day at a new and apparently progressive clinic. First, she meets the Nursing Director who, upon conducting a basic medical, detects an elevated pulse rate, blood pressure and temperature in her new recruit. Luckily, there is therapy available to reduce these evident signs of stress. It involves the application of her hand, them a leather paddle, repeatedly to nurse Jenni’s bottom! It seems to work…!



Red Bottoms and White Knickers

Womens Tennis Spanking

An dispute on the tennis court results in Pandora Blake giving Alex Reynolds a red bottom spanking in her little white knickers in the latest spanking video update at Northern Spanking! The girls come back home after a heated tennis match. Still wearing their tiny white tennis outfits the girls end up on the bed as Pandora dominates her tennis partner by pulling down her white cotton knickers and giving her a proper spanking punishment!

Spanked After Womens Tennis Match

White Knickers Down Red Bottom Spanking

Spanked White Knickers Down

Pandora Blake forces Alex Reynolds onto her stomach and straddles her. Unable to escape Alex gets her white knickers pulled down and spanked on her exposed bottom. Pandora has the upper hand and spanks Alex’s tender bottom with punishing swats of her bare hand that leave her bottom red and sore!



Dorothy Burnett Spanked After Class

Dorothy Burnett Spanked OTK

Petite schoolgirl Dorothy Burnett gets spanked after class in the most recent school spanking video from Northern Spanking! Dorothy Burnett is a petite little schoolgirl with a rebellious attitude, as you could probably tell from her purple hair. She’s being tutored by senior student Alex Reynolds. Dorothy’s parents have hired Alex to help their daughter focus and improve her grades. Alex catches her student Dorothy skipping class and hanging around the wrong crowd. She tries to talk to Dorothy but her bad attitude and whining about how much she hates school makes this impossible. So Alex takes another approach and gives Dorothy Burnett a hard spanking after class!!

Spanking Dorothy Burnett After School

Hairbrush Spanking Over Desk

Dorothy Burnett gets dragged back to school by her tutor, senior schoolgirl Alex Reynolds, where she’s given a proper lesson in schoolgirl punishment! Alex takes her young student over the knee and spanks her little bottom good and hard! Alex loves the feeling of exercising her authority over this petite little schoolgirl. Administering an otk hand spanking is just the beginning for young Dorothy as she learns the hard way to behave properly!

Spanked After Class Dorothy Burnett

Now that Dorothy Burnett’s exposed bottom is warmed and glowing red, she’s bent over the desk for a more severe punishment. Alex grabs her wooden hairbrush and spanks her student’s bottom good and hard to teach her a lesson! Petite young schoolgirl Dorothy Burnett is humiliated and sore from her after school spanking!

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Loving Spanking Couple

Loving Spanking Couple

Loving couple’s little argument leads to a domestic spanking in the bedroom! John and Sarah are organizing a spanking party. They get into a small dispute over how their funds should be spent. John knows how this argument can be easily resolved…with a spanking! John gives his D/s partner a good old fashioned spanking over the lap in the latest spanking video update at Northern Spanking!

Panty Spanking Sarah Gregory
Loving Domestic Spanking

Sarah Gregory has her little dress pulled up revealing her pretty white panties! Her bottom gets warmed up with some heavy handed smacks over her panties. Then with her panties down she’s spanked bare bottom leaving her rosy red and sore!

Spanking Aftercare Loving

Finally after a hard bottom smacking, John gives his partner Sarah some loving spanking aftercare!

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