Naughty Daughter Spanking With Spatula

Spatula Spanking For Naughty Teen Daughter

Naughty daughter Mandie Rae gets spanked with kitchen spatula! Traveling back in time to the 1960’s, Mandie Rae’s mother, Audrey Sugarsmak has been baking cupcakes all day. She’s arranged the cupcakes to cool on the kitchen counter and leaves for some much needed rest. When she comes back into the kitchen she finds her daughter Mandie Rae but no cupcakes. Clearly Mandie is guilty of the missing edibles so her mother confronts her. Mandie claims to know nothing about the missing baked goods but her mom knows better. Mandie Rae’s angry mom bends over over a chair and spanks her bottom right there in the kitchen with a spatula!

Mom Spanks Daughter With Spatula

Mandie Rae gets a bare bottom spatula spanking in the kitchen. Her mother’s anger is unleashed on her naughty daughter’s bare bottom! Audrey tells her daughter that her behavior must change and that if it doesn’t there will be even more strict punishment in her future. Mandie’s rebellious response earns her a mouth-soaping to go along with her sore bottom!

Naughty Daughter Spanking Mandie Rae

Naughty Mandie Rae learns a hard lesson from her strict mother Audrey Sugarsmak with a kitchen spatula spanking and mouth-soaping punishment at in this hard spanking home punishment from the 1960’s!

See naughty daughter Mandie Rae getting spanked by her angry mom with the kitchen spatula before she gets her mouth soaped for her rebellious attitude at

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