Lesbians Spanked in Sexy Lingerie

Sexy Lesbian Spankings

Hired by a photographer, Audrey Sugarsmack and Mandie Rae thought that they were just going to be modeling some sexy lingerie and taking risqué photos. Little did the girls know is that the pervy photographer has a spanking fetish. He wants his two newly hired models to spank each others bottoms while he films it and takes pictures at Punished Brats!

Lesbian OTK Spanking
Lesbians Spanked
Lingerie Spanking
Sexy Lesbian Lingerie Spankings

The two glamor models are taken aback by his forwardness and kinky request. However they agree as the idea of lesbian spankings are quite a sexual turn-on for both of the ladies. First Miss Sugarsmack begins by bending Mandie over and instructing her to touch her toes. She gives her a sound hand spanking on her lingerie covered behind. Smack, smack, smack on her bottom!

Spanked in Lingerie

Madie Rae’s tender cheeks begin to redden visibly with each swat of Audrey’s bare hand. Then Mandie is instructed to lay across Audrey’s knee so that she can give her and otk spanking with a hairbrush. They laugh and giggle as the spanking becomes more and more sexy to them. Audrey is wearing a sexy red bustier and Mandie in her lacy stockings as her bare butt gets spanked good and hard!

But they were getting a strange feeling from the cameraman and when he wandered off into the corner the girls noticed he was getting off sexually on the girls spanking each other in such a sexy way. They caught him in the corner playing with himself! Both ladies were shocked and appalled at his freaky behavior and high-tailed it out of there fast! But their first lesbian spanking experience stuck with them as it was quite sexy and sensual. It’s something that they would love to try again…at home alone in the bedroom!!

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