Hard Prison Spanking In Solitary Confinement

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Female prison inmate Ella Hughes gets a hard otk spanking in her solitary confinement cell. Ella’s continued rule breaking and general bad behavior have earned her a one way ticket to the women’s prison. She continues to be a disciplinary problem even now that she’s been incarcerated. Her constant infractions have caused her to be placed in the solitary punishment cell. And the prison warden has a special punishment waiting for her there. He visits her daily in the insolation cell to spank her naughty bottoms. Taking the unruly inmate over his knee and spanking her ass good and hard. She’s left isolated and alone with a cherry red and sore bottom in this hard prison spanking video from Bars-And-Stripes.com!

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Inmate Ella Hughes was sent to solitary for a few days. Solitary in our prison means that not only do we leave them totally isolated, but they get a sound punishment every day. On Ella’s first day the Governor came to spank her soundly.


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