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Jessica Fox Paddled For Being Cheeky

Jessica Fox Paddled For Being Cheeky

Secretary Jessica Fox gets a bare bottom paddling in the office for being cheeky and rude to customers. Jessica runs the help desk for Miss Sarah Stern. When customers being complaining about her rude and cheeky attitude, Miss Stern takes action. The rude secretary is given her very first spanking punishment. The dominant lady boss doesn’t hold back and punishes her subordinate harshly. Unfortunately for Jessica, one of the customers doesn’t feel that she’s been punished enough. So Miss Stern decides that a second punishment is needed. This time Jessica is going to get her first taste of the paddle. The naughty office girl must place her hands on the wall and bare her bottom to be paddled at English Spankers!

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Jessica the lady who looks after our help desk has just been spanked because she has been exceptionally rude to one of our members but the members concerned was, rightly not happy with that level of punishment. It is decided that she should be paddled, Jessica has little option but to agree and gets ready for the pain she knows she is going to receive. This is only her second punishment and her very first ever taste of the paddle!


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Spanking Hot Mature Lesbian MILF

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Ashleigh gets a visit from her mature landlady. Sarah Stern wants to know why Ashleigh can’t pay her rent. Sarah knows that this hard partying hot milf goes out drinking at the clubs and picking up girls. Ashleigh has a very wild lifestyle and now she can’t pay her rent. It’s time to teach her a hard lesson in responsibility. Sarah the landlady bends her over the kitchen sink, pulls her panties down and begins spanking the hot mature lesbian milf until her bare bottom burns bright cherry red at!

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When the landlady calls round she finds Ashleigh drinking whisky and seeming not to care that today is the day she has to pay her rent. This is not at all what the nasty short tempered landlady wanted to hear and tells Ashleigh just what she thinks of her. The rent has not been paid for weeks but she can afford to go out to clubs and drink. She needs to be taught a lesson and it’s going to happen today. She bends Ashleigh over the kitchen sink and removes her panties before administering a hard and prolonged spanking to her cute bottom.


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Sexy Girl For Hire Spanking

Sexy Girl For Hire Spanked

Sexy girl for hire, Rachel Leigh, gets hot spanking from Sarah Stern. Rachel is interviewing for a job at the Sexy Cleaning Company where she will work as a spankee for hire. It’s Miss Stern’s job to find out if the new girl can take a rigorous spanking. Rachel finds out that this job is hard than she thought. She’s spanked with a leather paddle by her sadistic new boss lady until her bare cheeks glow bright red. Then the young prostitute is given a humiliating spanking in the wheelbarrow position with her legs spread wide open in this sexy spanking video from!

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Rachel Leigh has just had her first interview for a job at the Sexy Cleaning Company, this involved her being spanked rather harder than she thought necessary by the lady who ran the company. She thought that she now had a job but it was obvious that this rather sadistic lady had other ideas. She produced a leather paddle and despite Rachel’s protestations she proceeded to paddle her bare bottom. Then to add further humiliation she put her into the “wheelbarrow” position, spread her lags and continued with the beating.


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Spanked For Watching Spanking Porn

Spanked For Watching Spanking Porn At Work

Sexy secretary, Amelia Jane Rutherford, gets a sexy f/f spanking when her boss catches her watching porn at work! Amelia aka Ariel Anderssen has been using the company credit card to purchase memberships to adult websites. If that’s not bad enough, she’s been viewing the porn videos while she’s working. Her employer, Sarah Stern, has caught on to her little scam and finds out that Amelia Jane has a kinky spanking fetish! Naughty Miss Rutherford is given a good bottom smacking in sexy lingerie as Miss Stern produces a leather paddle that leaves Amelia’s spankable bottom bright cherry red in the latest spanking video release from!

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Amelia Jane Rutherford has been caught out by her employer watching porn at work on her computer. Not only that she has been paying for it with her company credit card. A home visit is called for and it is decided that as Amelia is into watching porn, spanking porn, she should be punished in a similar fashion. A leather paddle is produced and Amelia starts to experience a real hard thrashing on the bare bottom.


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