Dorothy Burnett Spanked After Class

Dorothy Burnett Spanked OTK

Petite schoolgirl Dorothy Burnett gets spanked after class in the most recent school spanking video from Northern Spanking! Dorothy Burnett is a petite little schoolgirl with a rebellious attitude, as you could probably tell from her purple hair. She’s being tutored by senior student Alex Reynolds. Dorothy’s parents have hired Alex to help their daughter focus and improve her grades. Alex catches her student Dorothy skipping class and hanging around the wrong crowd. She tries to talk to Dorothy but her bad attitude and whining about how much she hates school makes this impossible. So Alex takes another approach and gives Dorothy Burnett a hard spanking after class!!

Spanking Dorothy Burnett After School

Hairbrush Spanking Over Desk

Dorothy Burnett gets dragged back to school by her tutor, senior schoolgirl Alex Reynolds, where she’s given a proper lesson in schoolgirl punishment! Alex takes her young student over the knee and spanks her little bottom good and hard! Alex loves the feeling of exercising her authority over this petite little schoolgirl. Administering an otk hand spanking is just the beginning for young Dorothy as she learns the hard way to behave properly!

Spanked After Class Dorothy Burnett

Now that Dorothy Burnett’s exposed bottom is warmed and glowing red, she’s bent over the desk for a more severe punishment. Alex grabs her wooden hairbrush and spanks her student’s bottom good and hard to teach her a lesson! Petite young schoolgirl Dorothy Burnett is humiliated and sore from her after school spanking!

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