Cheerleader Spankings OTK

cheerleader spanking otk

Young cheerleader Julie gets a panties down OTK spanking for repeatedly forgetting to pay school fees. She’s been reminded several times that the monthly fees must be paid to the school. Julie is finally summoned for a meeting with her coach. She’s informed of the repeated violations and told that more drastic measures must be taken to assure her compliance in the future. She’s taken over the knee and given a very hard spanking in cheerleader uniform that leaves her naughty bottom bright cherry red at Spanked In Uniform!

cheerleader spankings otk

spanking cheerleader otk

cheerleader otk spanking

panties down otk spanking for cheerleader

Cheerleader Julie was told on numerous occasions to ask her Mum to pay the monthly school fee but she kept forgetting. Time for a bit more drastic action. Coach told her to meet him in the Rec room and after a good scolding, she ended up over his knee getting her bottom soundly spanked!


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