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Sexy Lingerie Spanking

Sexy Lingerie Spanking

Nyssa Nevers gives Carissa Montgomery a sound spanking in sexy lingerie in the latest update from! Carissa has just finished spanking Nyssa and now it’s her turn to go over the knee. Staring with a spanking over her red panties then on the bare bottom!

Spanked in Lingerie

Carissa Mongomery Spanked OTK Red Lingerie

Sexy Bare Bottom Lingerie Spanking


It was Carissa’s turn to go over Nyssa’s lap for a final spanking. She was wearing very sexy red lingerie and this was tight against her bottom and heaving breasts. Nyssa took delight in giving Carissa sensations of pleasure and pain with some hand spankings and scraping of fingers along the cheeks of her bottom and thighs which made Carissa very ticklish and nervous! When her red panties were removed, the sensation play was continued with varying smacks of Nyssa’s hand and use of her nails to even blowing on the areas that she had started turning red! Carissa was never able to wonder whether this was a punishment or whether it was purely play… however, the reassuring giggles and laughter between the two girls (as they were good friends, after all) proved that this was consensual playtime! See this hot conclusion to the spanking exploits of Carissa and Nyssa in the second part of their exciting spanking play!

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Wheelbarrow Spanking Cheerleader

Wheelbarrow Spanking Cheerleader Isobel Wren at AAA Spanking

Sexy petite brunette Isobel Wren gets her first wheelbarrow position spanking in a cute little cheergirl uniform in the latest sexy teen spanking video from! It’s time for Isobel’s induction into the “Wheelbarrow Club”! Feeling helpless and vulnerable, her heart flutters with anticipation as she gets ready for her most revealing spanking ever!

Wheelbarrow Position Spanking

Bare Bottom Wheelbarrow Spanking Cheerleader

Isobel Wren Joins Wheelbarrow Spanking Club!

Sexy Wheelbarrow Position Spanking For Naughty Cheerleader Isobel Wren

Her Bottom Smarts From Wheelbarrow Spanking in Cheer Uniform

Isobel Wren getting spanked in sexy cheerleader uniform wheelbarrow spanking videos

Isobel Wren has heard about the “Wheelbarrow Club” from her fellow spanking models and now it’s her turn to join the club! Isobel is a natural submissive so naturally she wants to tick this off her bucket list. She has mixed feelings of fear and anticipation as she submits to this new experience.

Gorgeous Spanking Model Isobel Wren gets her first Wheelbarrow Spanking at AAASpanking Videos!


Isobel Wren’s Wheelbarrow Spanking
After we ensured that Isobel was comfortably positioned, her spanking began, lightly at first, gauging how she would respond with the blood rushing to her head. Then her spankings got harder and more stinging as her pert bottom was open to having her vulnerable “sit spots” spanked and turned red in front of our eyes for the very first time. She got what she wanted, more new headspace sensations as her bottom was spanked, caressed and played with.

Welcome Isobel, to the Triple A Wheelbarrow Club!

Wheelbarrow Spanking Club at AAA Spanking


Spontaneous Outdoor Spankings

Spontaneous Outdoor Spanking

A walk in the woods for Amelia Jane Rutherford and Molly Malone ends in a spontaneous outdoor spanking! The two ladies find a secret spot in the woods that sparks a kinky fun idea for an sexy impromptu spanking in the woods! Amelia puts her hands against a nearby tree as Molly removes her panties. Ms Rutherford is now ready for a bare bottom hand spanking from her sexy friend Molly Malone. The pair of girls giggle and laugh as this fun spanking continues. Alerted by the sounds of the giggling girls, the landowner Mr Osborne comes to check on the commotion. Once her sees the girls spanking each other, her decides to spank both girls in the latest update from AAA Spanking Videos!

Girls Spanked In Woods
Spanked Outdoors
Impromptu Spankings
Secret Spankings

Amazed and excited at the sight of the pair of ladies spanking each other. He announced that they must pay for trespassing on his land. He decides that a fair tax would be for him to give both girls bare bottom spankings! First he spanks sexy blonde Amelia Jane Rutherford on her exposed bottom. Then ordering Molly Malone to place her hands on the tree. He pull her panties down and spanks her round bottom hard! By the end of the spontaneous spanking outdoors, both girls have very sore and red bottoms!

Girls Spanked Bottoms

Once the girls have been properly spanked for trespassing the ladies are sent on their way. As they walk off through the woods the rubs sore bottoms to try and soothe the pain from their impromptu spankings!

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Rosie Ann Wooden Spoon Spanking

Wooden Spoon Spanking

Rosie Ann has already been spanked earlier. After being hung upside down by her feet from a crossbar and spanked on her big round bottom, she’s caned across her plump and sexy ass and now it’s time for the main event! Rosie Ann gets a wooden spoon spanking in the kitchen at AAA Spanking!

Kitchen Spanking
Rosie Ann Spanked
Spanked with wooden spoon

Cute little Rosie Ann gets bent over the kitchen counter and given a sound spanking on her rosy red ass with heavy oak spoon! Her bottom stings from the sharp shock of each swat on her already sore ass! She takes countless heavy smacks across her exposed cheeks as the wooden spoon impacts her bouncy bottom!

Spanking Rosie Ann in Kitchen

See Rosie Ann Spanked upside down with bare hand, then tied to St. Andrews Cross and caned on her sore and stinging bottom then special finale as she’s given a wooden spoon spanking in the kitchen at!